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GGV Bubbler Glass Bong and Dab Rig

GreenGiant Vapes

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The GGV Bubbler is the next step in water filtration, it cools and purifies every Cloud.

- Our Glass is precision designed to offer you the smoothest possible smoking experience

- High Quality glass made to last!

- Beaker base offers great stability as well as a larger water reservoir 

- Downtube Diffuser for more efficient cooling

- Each Bubbler Comes with a male to female joint adapter to allow greater flexibility

- Includes 4mm Thick Quartz Banger for Wax 

- Includes Glass Bowl for use with Dry Flowers



Customer Reviews

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Josie Fox
Unicorn rig

I had a small rig that I was using and it broke and decided to try this and omg. I love it. I'm so glad my old one broke. I don't think I ever want another rig. This rig is 100% It get's you Blazed out of your mind :D

This bubbler Hits hard!

wow this thing rips! its great to have the attatchments for both nugs and dabs. this thing is super smooth too.