Why Cannabis is great for gym!

To be honest, I’ve been an avid cannabis smoker since sophomore year in college at back in 95. Fast forward 25 years, and I’m still an avid smoker but now I’m also an elite level personal trainer in NYC with 20 yrs experience, and the owner of my own personal cannabis company, GreenGiant Vapes. Though it may seem a bit more normal now, it was kinda taboo to even talk to my clients about cannabis 5-10 years ago. Now they ask me about Marijuana all the time and use my CBD oil and muscle rub products to help with inflammation, pain relief and sleep issues that affect recovery.

In the past few years Ihave felt more liberated than ever to be honest about my cannabis use, especially since the average person wouldn’t make a positive correlation between fitness and smoking of any kind. I basically used to live a double life because I though weed smoking reflected negatively on me as a fitness professional. So i hid my affinity instead of embracing it with the same love I actually have for the flower. To me cannabis is the best thing ever made! It’s not the just for lazy and unmotivated people, it’s for those that enjoy creativity and expanding the limits of the mind.

Lazy smokers are smoking bad weed as far as I’m concerned, or they are just lazy with no correlation to their weed smoking. They would also be lazy alcoholics, lazy vegetarians or lazy security guards. They are just lazy people! in all reality, A good portion of the cannabis smokers I know are athletes and exercise fanatics. Almost all of the trainers I work with at my private gyms smoke cannabis, and I’m talking about 80%. I’ve been a successful fitness model in every fitness magazine, and I personally smoke cannabis everyday! I smoke it before every single run and before every single workout. Cannabis allows me to free my mind and get rid of anxiety. I’m just an anxious person by nature and I find it hard to relax sometimes and focus, but cannabis provides me an amazing level of relief and joy. I hit my sets harder during my workout and I zone out and focus less on pain. When I don’t smoke i think about everything happening around me, relevant or irrelevant to the point it distracts me. On my spinach, I am tuned in and feel like i’m the only actor in this big budget blockbuster with a killer soundtrack. I’m fucking killing shit! That’s a feeling we all should have.

I always make sure my flowers are a beautiful sativa strain that’s bright green and gassy. That gassy pungent smell is the presence of two terpenes called pinene and limonene which are known to to energize and uplift your mood. They say that your nose Knows when it comes to choosing the right strain for you. Every smell present in cannabis is the result of different combinations of terpenes. And when your body loves the smell its because your body resonates with it. I cant guarantee that is 100% true, but i know every time I like the smell, i love the smoke!

The type of weed that works for you is directly related to you body chemistry and will affect people in different ways, so make sure you try a few different strains to find that sweet spot. As a rule of thumb, Stay away from indica strain flowers if you plan on hitting the gym or being active as they are more relaxing and geared toward pain management. I say sativa or sativa leaning hybrid all the way!

Some of my favorite sativa flowers perfect for your next gym visit or workout are, Sour diesel, jack herrer,green crack, and durban poison. Yes there are many more but these should be readily available wherever you can get good flowers.

I dont smoke just to get high, …i mean, even though I think I’m tryna get buzzed….. I’m really just medicating to deal with anxiety and that crazy voice in my head.. Even as a seasoned veteran of the gym floor I still get anxiety when Igo in new gym setting or even crazier when I have too much time to workout. It may sound strange, but I’d rather have to rush a workout than have too much time..it totally kills my vibe.. there’s no urgency! I personally find it hard to relax and not focus on everything. Cannabis helps me bypass those things and tune in on the task as hand…

I’m not saying you need to try cannabis if you are not currently a weed smoker….. that’s on you.. but I do know cannabis and health and fitness have way more in common than people think. Both improve your mind, body and soul, and they are way better as allies than enemies..

Next time you hit the gym, take a puff of that good stuff and let me know how it goes!😤😁💪🏾

I’m serious.. find me at @greengiant_vapes and send me a DM.. I love hearing from people..

Till next time… (I was smoking on Chem Cookies while writing this 🤯😂)

Max T

GreenGiant Vapes