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What exactly is the X-Hale Luxury Pen?

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The X-Hale Luxury Pen is for those that like to enjoy their dry Cannabis and Hemp flowers with class and discretion.  Convenience is Key! If that sounds like you then the X-Hale will be sure to satisfy!

Enjoy our quick dry coil cleaning video.  Regular cleaning prolongs the life of the coils and provides the best X-Hale Experience!

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I purchased the Luxury e-pipe about 3 weeks ago and have been using it non stop! I’ve used it with both flower and concentrates. It works perfectly and the smoke is so smooth. 

Patty G

I Love the products that Green Giant Vapes have,I'm enjoying my bubbler and vape pen,I'm looking to buy more products in the Future

Joe Adkins

Thank you so much for a life changing quality product Mr. Tapper and GGV Naturals.This product DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Within 24-48 hours of taking a full dropper 2x a day ) the swelling in my knee disappeared and the pain and discomfort nearly gone, as well as some minor pain in my shoulder

Tabatha T

Began using the GGV+naturals hemp oil a month ago! ..This works great, relaxes u within minutes of use ..gives you the relaxed effect without feeling high, would highly recommend especially if you have a high stress producing Job cause you can take it and have a productive stress free day .


Great quality product and fast shipping, couldn't ask for a better experience.

Kevin N


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