About Us


Max Tapper  owner of Greengiant vapes

GreenGiant_Vapes was started in 2016 by owner and life long personal trainer Max Tapper. As an avid cannabis lover and fitness professional, Max always searched for a way to make his own personal cannabis consumption more discreet and convenient. Through countless searches nothing out there provided the positive experience and ease he was looking for.  That led to the creation of GGV and the first Vaporizer pen, the Jamaica Deluxe Wax Pen. It was a great beginning, but the follow up would be even more refine.  The X-Hale Luxury Pen was created as the best of both worlds. To solve the problem for those who know what they like, but also want options. Burn dry flowers or Vape your favorite wax and shatter... The choice is yours. 

Through GreenGiant-Vapes, Max is dedicated to bringing cutting edge and useful cannabis accessories  to the market that actually solve a problem. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey.